EvolV Ecosystem

EvolV Smart Contract


A smart contract is a set-in-stone piece of programming language that is submitted to the Ethereum network upon a token's launch. The smart contract handles all the Ethereum and tokens autonomously without any form of human involvement, with calculations and functions being confirmed across thousands of computers before they are run.

EvolV is an ERC-20 token that can be bought and sold through the smart contract's internal excange via Every time EvolV is bought or sold through the internal exchange via, the corresponding value added tax will be disbursed across all of the EvolV tokens.

The price of EvolV will increase by 0.000000001 ETH for each EvolV token purchased.

The price of EvolV will decrease by 0.000000001 ETH for each EvolV token sold.

The price is frozen for the user at the time of each transaction, with a 10 percent tariff being collected and distributed—in Ethereum--across all of the tokens.

Each purchase will also include a referral fee of 5% which will be paid directly to the referrer!

EvolV Utility


In addition to being its own volume backed basic income system, EvolV will also serve as a method of payment for ALL future WolfpackBOT and EvolV products and services.

EvolV can be sent for WolfpackBOT credit so that it can be used as a form of payment for WolfpackBOT Cryptocurrency Trading Software subscriptions.

Additionally, EvolV will also be accepted as a form of payment for:

  1. The upcoming Wolfpack Trading Academy
    1. 50% of WolfpackBOT Trading Academy revenue will also go toward funding the Ethereum pool (subject to change)
  2. The Wolfpack VIP Club
    1. Includes Exclusive WolfpackBOT Beta Access
    2. Exclusive insider strategy discussions
    3. Early access to new WolfpackBOT strategies
  3. EvolV and WolfpackBOT promotional merchandise
  4. Any future Wolfpack/EvolV products and services
  5. As the EvolV Ecosystem expands, each additional use case will bring more EvolV purchases, leading to more Ethereum dividends being paid out

These use cases bring true utility to the EvolV ecosystem, helping to build volume and ensure a steady stream of Ethereum dividends for all Evolv holders.

EvolV Ethereum Pool


The Ethereum pool is in essence a social security system inside the EvolV smart contract that funds EVOLV sells. Each time EvolV is sold to the pool, a 10% value added tax is added that is distributed to all EvolV holders.

The Ethereum Pool funds the EvolV "social security" system.

All Ethereum received for EvolV purchases as well as a staggered percentage of funding received for WolfpackBOT subscriptions will fund the Ethereum pool.

The percentage of revenue from WolfpackBOT subscriptions that the WolfpackBOT/EvolV team uses to purchase EvolV will be based on how much funding is in the pool.

*Percentages for EvolV purchases from WolfpackBOT subscription revenue are:

  • 10% when the pool funding is above 500 ETH
  • 25% when the pool funding is between 200 and 500 ETH
  • 50% when the pool funding is below 200 ETH
*Subject to change

Receiving Ethereum Dividends


EvolV is a trading game. Just as with traditional trading, those who think strategically will win. Those who let their emotions get the better of them will lose every time. The goal of the game is to collect more EvolV and receive more Ethereum dividends.

One of the biggest risks you will face is the temptation to panic sell.

Evolv is a gamified cryptocurrency ecosystem, with each buy order increasing the price of the token, and each sell order decreasing the price. If a lot of people sell their EvolV tokens all at once, you could see the price of the token take a huge dive. That being said, if you’re strategic, and you hold onto your tokens, you will also receive Ethereum dividends from the sells all the way down. At that point, you can buy up more EvolV on the cheap, and receive more dividends on the climb back up. Not a bad deal, eh?

Withdrawing Ethereum Dividends


There is absolutely no upper limit to the amount of Ethereum dividends you can withdraw in a given time; HOWEVER, you must withdraw at least $5 in Ethereum each time there is a withdraw transaction. This is so that you don't lose your dividends to transaction fees.

EvolV Referral Program


The EvolV Ecosystem is engineered to thrive on active community support and involvement; therefore, we are implementing a very generous referral program.

5% of each EvolV referral purchase will be paid directly to the referrer in Ethereum. That’s right, each time someone joins the EvolV Ecosystem using your referral link, you will receive 5% of every EvolV purchase that they make—paid in Ethereum, FOREVER!

In other words, each time your referee makes a purchase, you as the referrer will receive a 5% referral bonus paid directly in Ethereum to your account.

To help you spread the word and earn more referrals we will be sponsoring frequent contests, rewarding winners in EvolV, free WolfpackBOT subscriptions, and other cool prizes!

We will also continue to support our very active Telegram and Discord communities, keeping you up to date with all the latest news and providing an active community of EvolV and WolfpackBOT users.

We're all in this together!

EvolV Philanthropy Fund


All of the members of the EvolV team are family and community oriented people, and creating a better world for our families, children, and communities is very important to us.

We will focus our philanthropic efforts on medical research and development, disaster relief, economic development, and animal rescue and wildlife conservation with an emphasis on dogs and wolves.

Each time there is a buy transaction, an additional 10% of EvolV token will be minted.

Each time there is a sell, 90% of the EvolV sold will be burned.

In each case, 10% of that remaining 10% will go toward providing funding for the EvolV Philanthropy Fund, and a periodic community vote will be taken to determine which charitable projects and/or organizations will receive donations from the EvolV Philanthropy Fund!

Just as with Basic Income, it's all about creating a better world and a brighter future.

General Inquiries

P.O. Box SS-19884,
Nassau, Bahamas